Support Staff


Salon Manager & Casting Director
Art Team Coordinator

Prior to joining the MHSG team, Kelsey worked at Cox Farms and a daycare in Centreville, Virginia. She is open to new experiences; which is one reason why she was interested in working at MHSG. She is friendly, hard-working and trustworthy. She is interested in books, movies, music and loves to be around a fun environment. When she was younger, it was rare for her to style her hair and apply make up. But since being at MHSG for 5 years, she has found a love and passion for the industry! She has grown from a Front Desk Coordinator to being the Salon Coordinator/Casting Director. A year or so ago, she even decided to join the apprentice program because she wants to hone her new found love and skills in the beauty industry, as well as grow and communicate with her team. She has always loved learning new things, meeting new people, and anything and everything BATMAN! She is looking forward to colorful world that she and the MHSG Team will create!

Michael Helene Says: Kelsey makes my life much easier, she handled day-to-day tasks and helps with promotions, marketing materials and hiring. Kelsey is sweet, kind and fare but tough when it comes to following systems. Kelsey is a go-getter that constantly looks to make Michael Helene a more efficiently run salon. I hope that she will be able to run her own MHSG salon one day!

Fun Facts about Kelsey:

  1. What is your Zodiac?
  2. What superlative would you give one or two of your team members at MHSG?
    Nino: Most likely to steal your food when you are not looking.
  3. What movie character(s) reminds you of yourself?
    Kit (Zooey Deschannel) from Failure to Launch and Gracie Lou Freebush (Sandra Bulloch) Miss Congeniality.
  4. What is your nickname?
    Kels or Kelso. My family will call me “Violet” from The Incredibles because I had really long, dark hair and I would always have my bangs in my face. 
  5. What would be your super power?
    Move objects with my mind! 
  6. Who is your inspiration in the hair/ fashion industry?
     Lady Gaga! She is creative, an innovator, and she marches to the beat of her own drum. She spreads peace and love to everyone even if she does not share the same views and/or opinions. She stands up for the underdog, and she doesn’t care what people say. she is who she is and loves every moment!

Customer Liaison - DawnDawn

Customer Retention Specialist & Wedding Coordinator

Contact Dawn at:
Phone: (571)437-1674

Dawn grew up in Toms River, NJ before moving to VA in 1992 after having been recently married. She then moved to South Riding in 1996 where she has seen tremendous growth here in Eastern Loudoun County. Having been married for almost 24 years, Dawn now has 3 children: Ryan (19) currently attending George Mason University where he is pursuing a degree in Business Marketing, and twin girls (16), Jenna & Kali, both sophomores at Freedom HS. Dawn has worked in sales/customer service for over 20 years, successfully working with customers to insure their experience exceeds their expectations. She has been a client and friend of Michael Helene’s for over 6 years, and loves her passion for hair styling and her unique vision to put together a special customer experience. She’s excited to be a part of MHSG’s vision to further expand on our goal of being the premier hair salon in Northern Virginia.

Michael Helene Says: Dawn was a client of mine for many years and we had spoken many times about her working for me at one point. We were talking one day and decided a good place for her would be in customer retention due to her background. This was one of the best choices I ever made. Dawn is a brave lady!! She calls many clients daily to check on their experiences and that is a tough job sometimes. She has raised our return rate by 25% and she plans out all our weddings, which is no easy task!! Dawn is a hard worker and a great friend….she even watches my kids if need be, lol!

Fun Facts About Dawn: 
1.What is your nickname?
2.What 2 items would you take if you were on a deserted island for a whole year? 
Sunscreen and water
3.What is your Zodiac?
4.What you consider to be the best day? 
My wedding day
5.What movie character reminds you of yourself?
Tinker Bell



Lead Front Desk Coordinator at Sterling

Sterling Location: 
Mondays: 10:00AM- 7:30PM
Tuesdays: 9:30AM-7:00PM
Wednesdays: 12:00PM-8:00PM
Thursdays: 9:30AM-8:00PM
Fridays: 9:30AM-8:00PM
Saturdays: 9:00AM-6:00PM

She has been in salon management for over 7 years. She has a true passion for the administrative and business side of the hair and fashion industry. She is a sucker for a good beauty before and after! 🙂

Fun Facts About Destini:

  1. What TWO items would you take to a deserted island if you were stranded for a year? 
    I would bring my phone and a Starbucks mango dragonfruit refresher
  2. What is your zodiac? 
  3. What would you consider to be the best date or day?
    A shopping spree with multiple Starbucks trips
  4. What movie character would you say reminds you of yourself? Why? 
    Sanaa Lathan in love & basketball because she learns how to balance her love life without compromising her dreams in life.