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Michael Helene uses Perfectress Hair Extensions!

Perfectress offers 100% Remy cuticle Euro-blend human hair. Remy cuticle hair means that all the cuticles are sorted in the same direction and all cuticles are intact. Remy cuticle hair is the finest quality you can find for any hair type. The hair is extremely durable and can be used for at least a year of constant wearing. This hair is also infused with a Perma Moisturizing Treatment, a form of protein injected inside the hair cortex to prevent it from drying out. Perfectress hair extensions come in three textures – silky straight, natural body, and body wave – and a wide selection of colors that do not fade. With the variety of systems, textures, lengths, and colors, all women can find extensions that will naturally enhance their beauty.

**Hair is globally traded, like oil and gold, so if you find hair that is less expensive than what we offer it is because the hair is blended with animal hair, bulk hair (from salon floors) and other forms of synthetic hair fibers.


Transformation Connection Hair Extensions

The hair and ring are built in one streamlined reusable design. It can withstand hair chemicals and will not crack. The ring is covered 360 degrees with hair, both inside and outside. The extensions come in two sizes, small and medium, with 25 in each pack. The small are 0.3 cm in diameter and the medium are 0.35 cm in diameter. Once attached they become very flat and hold securely without any damage to the natural hair!

  • Average Full Lengthening Service – Requires 5 medium packs + 1 small pack and takes 3 hours
  • Average Volumizing Service – Requires 2 medium packs + 1 small pack and takes 1.5 hours
  • Every 6-8 weeks a perimeter move up is required
  • Every 3-4 months the extensions must be taken out and re-fitted

Price for Hair (per pack)

  • 14” – small $120/medium $160
  • 18” – small $160/medium $200
  • 22” – small $200/medium $270

Fantasy Collection:

  • 14” – $140
  • 18” – $160

Price for Installation and Maintenance

$100 per hour

Tape Weft Hair Extensions

Tape wefts are easy to apply, making them a fast option for adding volume or length to natural hair. The extensions are very durable and can last you a whole year. They will hold for at least eight weeks without any problem. They are suitable for all hair types, especially fine and thin hair. Each pack contains 8 extensions or 4 sandwiched extensions, giving you two application options based on hair density. The tape wefts are ultra-thin and transparent making them very comfortable and undetectable in the hair!

  • Average Full Lengthening Service – Requires 6 packs and takes 2 hours
  • Average Volumizing Service – Requires 3 packs and takes 1 hour
  • Every 6-8 weeks a move up is required

Price for Hair (per pack)

  • 10″ – $70
  • 14” – $110
  • 18” – $150
  • 22” – $190

Fantasy Collection:

  • 14” – $90
  • 18” – $110

Price for Installation and Maintenance

$100 per hour

All Extensions Require a Consultation Prior to Installation!

There is a $25 fee for extension consultations. That fee will be applied towards your installation service. During the consultation your stylist will discuss all your options with you and give you a price estimate based on the specifications you both agree to. At the time of your consultation a 50% non-refundable deposit will be necessary to make a reservation for the installation service. You may reschedule one time without penalty, as long as you give us a courtesy 24-hour notice.

**Above pricing does not include shipping or the Perfectress brush recommended for all clients to care for their extensions properly. These additional charges average $39, but vary depending on shipping choices selected by the client.

For more information about our extension products and services, contact us or call us at 703-661-6898.

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