At Michael Helene Salon Gallery, we offer a wide range of expert hair services for our clients in Northern Virginia. For more information about our professional services, please contact us or call us at Dulles: 703-661-6898/Sugarland: 703-433-9600.

**Please arrive to your reservation on time. Late guests may be asked to reschedule. If you already have a reservation and need to reschedule or cancel, please give us 24 hours notices. Cancellations under 24 hours will have a 20% cancellation fee of the service booked. Guest that no-show to their reservations will be charged a 50% fee of the services booked. We understand that things can happen, but with short notice or no-show cancellations it becomes difficult to fill that time. 


Services listed below are provided at Dulles and Sugarland Locations:


Includes Wash and Blowdry Style. Price may vary depending on length, density and texture. Any changes will be discussed during consultation.
**A $25 up-charge will be applied to hair that excessively tangled, matted or dirty. Your reservation may need to be changed and/or charged according if additional time in required.**

Long Hair (Below the Ear)
Junior Stylist: $50
Gallery Stylist: $65
Senior Stylist: $70
Master Stylist: $80
Michael Helene: $100

Short Hair (Above the Ear)
Junior Stylist: $40
Gallery Stylist: $55
Senior Stylist: $65
Master Stylist: $75
Michael Helene: $90

Children (10 and Under)
Junior Stylist: $25
Gallery Stylist: $30
Senior Stylist: $35
Master Stylist: $45
Michael Helene: $60

Teen Girls (11-17)
Junior Stylist: $45
Gallery Stylist: $50
Senior Stylist: $55
Master Stylist: $65
Michael Helene: $85

Gentlemen’s Short Hair
Junior Stylist: $30
Gallery Stylist: $35
Senior Stylist: $45
Master Stylist: $55
Michael Helene: $70

Woman’s Deva Shapings*
Deva Advanced: $85+
Deva Certified: $110+

Children’s Deva Hairshaping (10 and Under)
Deva Advanced: $55+
Deva Certified: $75*

Gentlemen’s Deva Hairshaping
Deva Advanced: $45+
Deva Certified: $65+

*Must be performed by a Deva Specialist. Call for details.


Hair Conditioning

Blowdry included. Prices may vary based on length, density,texture and artist level.

Rejuvenating Scalp Clarifying Treatment: $85
Elsablondexx Bond Reformer: $65
Platinum Restructuring: $65
Anti-Aging or Thickening Hair Filler/Lifting Treatments: $65
Young Again Shine/Moisture Treatment: $65

Personalized Hair Smoothie: $75
Is your hair is feeling dry, brittle, or lackluster? Do you need shine, volume, or just a little moisture or protein added to your tresses? We hand pick all the ingredients and, based on what your hair needs, formulate the perfect concoction. We have been formulating a mixture that will be our special conditioner as well so be on the lookout. Feel like you might need it again and again, ask us how you can take some home with you.
Moisture/Protein Treatment: $55
If your hair is running out of elasticity, bleached to the max, or breaking off when you pull on it, it’s time for a protein treatment! It’ll fix it right up! Well, maybe not right up, you might have to do it a couple times, but you get the picture. Protein helps heal brittle hair, but you have to be careful though because, if you don’t get the right balance you can make it worse. Leave it to our pros and get the right balance of moisture and protein!



Single Process: $75+
Touch-ups: $65+
Gloss/Toner: $40
Lighten and Tone: $130+
Eyelash Tinting: $25
Eyebrow Tinting: $10
Corrective Colour: Consultation is Required

Personalized Dimensional Colour

Accents: $10-75
Highlights: $85-200
BabyLights: $200+
Pintura: $120+
Ombre/Balyage/Flamboyage: $150+
Bond Reformer Add-on: $10
Shimmer Lights: $75
Shimmer Lights as Add-on: $35
*ALL colour pricing varies. During the consultation your artist looks at density, porosity, length, maintenance needs, budget, and desired look to give you a personalized price.


Hair Retexturizers

**Prices may vary depending on length, texture, density and level of artist. Quotes will be given during consultation before service begins.**
Waxing/Curling: $110
Keratin Express: $70
Keratin Express: $50
Keratin/Smoothing: $150-400
Brazilian BlowOut: $300+
Straightening/Relaxer: $110
Affinage Formed: Based on Consultation
Get volume in flat spots, change parts, or remove cow licks.

Hair Artistry

*Hair artistry is done on dry hair. Blowouts will be charged accordingly*

Blowdry: Starting at $32-70
Blowdry Tutorial: $80 per hour
Bring your tools and products with you off the shelf of bad decisions and allow MHSG to diagnose the problem. We will show you technique, tools, and products that work and don’t and, before you know it, you may be styling our hair!
Curl Iron as Add-on: $10-20
Flat Iron as Add-on: $10-20
Down-Do/Partial Up-Do: $45-100
Wedding Hair/Up-Do (in Salon): $66-150
Wedding/Event Trial Hair Artistry (In Salon Only) : $66-150
*Wedding/Event Hair (On Location): Consultation Required*


Hair Removal

Hair must be 1/4′ for body waxing and 1/8′ for facial waxing. Waxing cannot be performed on clients who have used Retin-A, Retinal, or Accutane, or have had an Enzyme peel or AHAS within 4 weeks. If taken orally, please wait 3 months. Allow 24 hours before or after sunbathing or tanning.

Eyebrows: $15
Lip: $10
Chin: $12
Side Burns: $25
Full Face: $55
Half Leg: $45
Abdomen: $40
Toes: $15
Fingers: $15
Under Arm: $30


The Dapper Dude

Do you want to step back in time where bare knuckle boxing and speakeasies were prevalent? To a time before Gillette had a 32 blade razor? Well here’s your chance!

Lower the Ears: $30-70
Hair shaping with a straight razor shave on sideburns and neck.

Menamel, Colour for Dudes
Grey Camo: $40
3-D Mane: $60
Outta Bounds: $10+
Beard & Stash Stain: $15

Manscaping (Waxing)
Back: $70
Chest: $40
Stomach: $40
Hairline: $20
Brows: $12

Men’s Gallery Shave: $35
A quick lather shave for the man on the go.

Smooth Canvas Shave: $55
Hot towel treatment, light facial massage and professional 6 step shave

Shave and a Hair Shaping
with Gallery Shave: $61-100
with Smooth Canvas Shave: $78-115


BlowDry Bar

Going out for the evening? Want a style to last you? Don’t have time in the morning to do it yourself? We know exactly how you feel! That’s why we introduced the MHSG BlowDry Bar. Choose from full-body blowouts, curls, flat ironing, and other finishes you can afford, even if you’re on a budget. Come in clean and dry and we can finish the style for you. See the packages below for money saving options!

Straight Up: $25-50
A simple blowout with some body. Smooth, beautiful and bouncy!

Cocktails: $45
All cocktails come with a shampoo and blowdry

Sleek and smooth tresses (flat iron)

Sweet and sophisticated curls (curling iron/wand)

Dry Martini
Pin-up style curls created (roller set)

Pina Colada
Beach bunny texture with a tousled wave

Virgin Daiquiri: $20
Shampoo and blowdry for kids 10 and under

Shirley Temple: $30
Simple, beautiful blowout with curls or flat iron for kids 10 and under

Shooters: $25

Shooters do NOT include shampoo and blowdry

Lemon Drop
Sleek and simply straight (flat iron)

Body Shot
Sexy, beach tousled waves

Washington Apple
Sweet and innocent curls (curling iron)

Alabama Slammer
Bombshell curls (roller set)


Bar Regular Packages

Social Drinker: 3 for $130
Happy Hour: 6 for $250
Bar Fly: 10 for $405

Social Drinker: 3 for $72
Happy Hour: 6 for $143
Bar Fly: 10 for $220

Straight Up Shots
3 Shots: $65-125
6 Shots: $120-240
10 Shots: $205-405

*Package expires 3 months from purchase date.
**Prices may vary depending on length and density of hair. Stylist will determine your price during consultation. If you would like a personalized package, please ask and we will be happy to accommodate you.**

For more information about our services menu, please contact us or call us at Dulles: 703-661-6898/ Sugarland: 703-433-9600. Be sure to ask about our service room for a private salon experience!