We’ve all gone to the salon and shelled out a lot of money for beautiful new locks. Whether it is a fashion color or a permanent color, you want it to last as long as possible. Well, you might have to switch up your routine and go-to beauty products to keep your hair looking fabulous for as long as possible. You can use these tips and tricks to get that lasting color!

Don’t wash everyday

When you wash your hair every day, you are stripping your hair of the natural oils that are good for you. When you do that, it makes your hair produce oil faster, which makes you want to wash more frequently. It can be a vicious cycle. Try to space your washes out and use dry shampoo when you can!

Use cold water

We know that it is not the most enjoyable thing to do, especially after a long day. But, cold water will help seal your color in even more. Hot water tends to strip your color faster. So next time you shower, stick your head under to wash it quickly and then put it up and out of the way to enjoy the hot water again!

Use a color safe, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

Color safe hair products will protect your hair and keep it looking vibrant and fresh. Regular shampoo and conditioner with sulfates allow it to lather more, but they contain detergents that can fade the color of your hair quicker.

Use heat protectant

It is best to use as little heat on your hair for the same reason hot water isn’t good for you hair. It opens the cuticle and allows the color to escape faster. Heat protectant will help reduce the fading of your color and protect your hair. If possible, reduce the heat on your styling tools as well.

Keep your color lasting longer with these tips and tricks so that you have longer to enjoy it! Your permanent colors will naturally last longer than a fashion color, but you can keep both fresh and vibrant by taking care of your hair! If you are looking for a new hairstyle or color, give us a call! We can’t wait to help you achieve a unique style!