Who doesn’t love going to the salon with dead and dreary locks and coming out with vibrant, colored and freshly cut hair? We know we do! No matter why you are dying your hair, a fresh start after a significant life event, change of pace or just for fun; it can be a boost to your confidence.


Coloring one’s hair started with the Ancient Egyptians using henna color to cover the gray of older age. But, the first permanent color came years later in one color: black. Black remained the go-to hair color for hundreds of years among the Romans and Greeks.

The hair dye we know today was invented by accident. William Henry Perkin, an English professor, was trying to develop a cure for malaria and instead discovered the first synthesized dye. Perkin’s discovery was further developed by a chemistry professor named August Wilhelm von Hoffman. He created para-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is still used in hair dyes today.

We can thank French chemist Eugene Schueller for taking PPD and creating the first hair color used for commercial purposes. In 1907 he named his new product Aureole which became L’Oreal. Throughout the 1900s, hair color advanced to at-home packages to color your hair yourself. They also advertised that the new hair dye would last longer than it had in previous years.


Today you can see many different hair colors and trends all over the world. From a natural balayge to rainbow-colored hair, you can now dye your hair however you want! You can choose from temporary color to experiment with colors or permanent color to last until your natural color grows out.

We love all things hair and hair coloring! Whatever color you want, let us turn your hair into a masterpiece!