The days are growing shorter, the nights growing longer, and there is a familiar chill in the air. Autumn is here!

Amidst the bustle of back to school, high school homecoming, Halloween parties, and seeing family and friends at Thanksgiving, it can be very grounding to take a few moments for yourself and recalibrate for the colder months. Wondering how to achieve that? I am here to help!

My name is Emily, and I am a front desk coordinator at Michael Helene Salon Gallery. I am also a licensed cosmetologist, and avid cosplayer/costumer/historical reenactor. My favorite season is Autumn, and I am a believer in the philosophy of switching up your look for the different times of the year. My paternal grandmother was Polish, and she taught me the old Slavic tradition of “Fall Cleaning”, in addition to “Spring Cleaning”. The idea is you want to clean up and prepare the house for the coming winter. I’ve incorporated this tradition into my personal life, as well as my beauty regimen and fashion. For example, most people have heard of the classic traditions of darker, richer colors for fall. I’m going to provide some simple guidelines on how to embrace Autumn!


  1. Go through your beauty bag/makeup bag. Definitely get rid of any cosmetics that are past their “use by” date. Look out for the open cream jar icon, known as the PAO (or “Period After       Opening”) symbol, which includes the number of months a product is safe to use after it has been unsealed. If you can’t find that or have additional questions, take a look at this cheat sheet.
  1. Go through your makeup, holding each item in your hand. If it brings you joy, and you use it, keep it. If not, toss it! This method also works for pretty much anything in your house. Still hanging on to those cute heels that you can only wear for about an hour? If they are in good shape consider donating them. Contact your local women’s shelter if you have clean, fashionable, presentable clothes that you want to donate. Oftentimes they will be given to women in need preparing for job interviews.
  2. Consider switching up your hair color! You can go dramatic or subtle. If you are a blonde year round, a few dimensional lowlights can really intensify your Autumn look. Pump up your brunette locks with a deep red color glaze to add warmth and richness. Auburn, copper and red are great colors for fall. Take your inspiration from Mother Nature’s beautiful autumn foliage!
  3. Layers, layers, layers! Have fun with the cold weather by layering shimmery scarves, or drapey vests over your normal attire. I like a darker color palette for clothes in the fall, with a pop of rich jewel tones here and there. Think deep forest green, rich scarlet red, dark sapphire blue. Try the trifecta-combo: leggings, cable knit knee socks and funky lace-up boots when it gets chilly!
  4. Accessorize! Try some long beaded necklaces or fun sparkly earrings. Some of my favorite semi-precious stones to wear in fall include amber (great for boosting your mood since it feels like you’re wearing sunshine) and hematite (fun and shiny, great for grounding and keeping you positive during the winter doldrums).
  5. Make time for yourself! Whether you enjoy a nice cup of pumpkin spice chai tea or take a brief walk outside, remember, self care goes a long way!